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Driven by the pursuit of quality and innovation, AMA was founded as an international partnership with a base in London, Rome and Gran Canaria. Our design is strongly influenced by the belief that the quality of our surroundings layers on to our quality of life. With material, culture and climatic parametersin hand our dynamic team specializes in providing a tailored sustainable design.

Studio AMA`s roots are inherent from numerous international projects which tackle social, economical and environmental ideas with a creative pen. As a response to the brief, site and context, each proposal is uniquely researched optimizing its potential. Our concern is not only with the building as a structure, but as a sensitive response to the external and internal impacts that create a physical building.We aim for every project to create its own unique spirituality.

We have applied the same priority through our range of projects whether a retailstore, office block, residential unit or an urban master plan. Our holistic approach is supported by a strong commitment to our clients, the public and the users involved. With a high degree of personal service and a respect for the precious resources of cost and time we aim to constantly build on our client relationships.

For private small projects
The key to most projects is a good communication. Given our multi-cultural-lingual office, we pride ourselves in providing a good communication with the client. Whether you are considering something in your home country or abroad, we can assist you without the language being a barrier.

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